Gum Recession Treatment

gum recession treatment

Receding gums can seriously detract from your smile, and they are not just an aesthetic concern. When gums recede, they leave your tooth roots exposed to damage and decay. In addition, your teeth can become more sensitive to heat and cold.

As a periodontist, Dr. Bae is a specialist in the treatment of the gums. He uses the revolutionary Chao Pinhole procedure to provide minimally invasive gum recession treatment and restore root coverage without the use of grafting.

The Fast & Comfortable Chao Pinhole Procedure

chao pinhole procedureTraditional gum recession treatment requires surgery with incisions and sutures—as well as graft material that is either sourced from the patient or from a donor. The Pinhole procedure requires neither grafting nor sutures, and only a tiny, pinhole-sized opening is made in the gum tissue using a specially designed microinstrument.

Using the Chao Pinhole technique, Dr. Bae can treat up to 14 teeth during a single visit that lasts no more than two hours. The healing process is fast and comfortable, and most patients are able to return to their regular routine by the very next day.

How the Pinhole Procedure Works

Dr. Bae showing patient something on screen

Dr. Bae goes over treatment and answers any questions you may have.

Dr. Bae will first use a very small, curved instrument to make a pinhole-sized opening in the gum tissue. Through this opening, he gently separates the outer layer of gum tissue from the inner layer, and repositions it over the roots. He then uses small strips of collagen to hold the gum in its new position while it heals.

Due to the nature of the gum tissue and the minimally invasive character of the procedure, the layers of tissue heal quickly and the gums reattach in their new position. The result is a very natural-looking, healthy and aesthetic gumline. By the next day, you can usually not even tell that any treatment has been done. And because the procedure is so gentle, it requires only local anesthesia.

The Chao Pinhole procedure has been in use around the world for over ten years and has been shown in numerous studies to provide stable and long-lasting results.

Experienced Gum Grafting

Dr. BaeDr. Bae has been able to help many patients with gum recession using the Chao Pinhole procedure. However, not everyone is a candidate for it. Patients with thin gums or patients who otherwise do not qualify for the Chao Pinhole procedure can get the results they are looking for with traditional gum grafting.

Dr. Bae is very experienced in all types of gum grafting and provides expert treatment in a comfortable and efficient manner. After a personal consultation and detailed examination, he can let you know which type of treatment would work best for you.

Complimentary Consultation

gum recession consultationTake advantage of our complimentary consultation to meet with the doctor and find out of what treatment options are available to you. Your visit will include:

  • Exam
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Get your questions answered
  • Learn about treatment options

*This consultation does not include x-rays

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