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Henry Kim DMD PC is a multi-dental specialty practicein Mission Viejo that is honored to have a wonderful group of dental specialists as part of our practice.

Dr. Tyson Curtis is our endodontist, a root canal specialist. The treatment of choice for those wishing to retain their teeth is endodontic therapy whenever the dental pulp has become diseased, pending nominal periodontal status. 

Whenever bacteria from a dental cavity reach the pulpal tissues, irreversible injury results rendering the tooth in need of endodontic therapy.



Endodontic Therapy -- Commonly known as root canal treatment, endodontic therapy is used to remove the infected pulp and nerves from the tooth's root canals. After your visit with Dr. Curtis is complete, Dr. Kim, our prosthodontist in Mission Viejo can place your permanent restoration with a crown or filling. 

Endodontic Retreatment -- Endodontic therapy has over a 90 percent success rate. But in the cases where a root canal fails, endodontic retreatment is often necessary. A tooth can become re-infected at any time -- sometimes months or years after the original treatment. Retreatment is often referred to endodontists due to the complexity of their nature. During retreatment, endodontists remove the root filling material to regain access to the root canals, as well as attempt to locate canals that were missed during the initial root canal treatment. Dr. Curtis will thoroughly clean the canals and remove any infection left behind.

Endodontic Surgery -- If endodontic retreatment fails, endodontic surgery may be used to remove portions of root anatomy that are impossible to treat non-surgically. One type of endodontic surgery is Apicoectomy This the most common type of endodontic surgery. An apicoectomy removes the end of the root containing complex anatomy that may not be reliably cleaned during non-surgical procedures. During this procedure, Dr. Curtis will access the area via the gums to remove the infection, then fill the area and suture the gums back to their original position.


Getting to the Root of it

The word “endodontics” comes from two Greek words put together: “inside” and “tooth”.   A skull discovered from 200 BCE was found with a bronze wire in one of its teeth.

Not long after that, we have evidence that people were draining the root canal area to relieve pain and pressure, and even moved into removing and covering the pulp. Endodontics in Mission Viejo has come a long way with our advanced technology and state of the art equipment. 



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