Make Your Smile Extra Special For Your Wedding



Brides invest significant money into the perfect dress, hair, and makeup. But if you don’t love your smile, you could end up trying to hide it in photos, negating the major investments you’ve made to look great.


Invisalign® is a great solution that can make an enormous difference in transforming a bride’s smile while having minimal impact on her busy planning schedule.


Invisalign® is a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners made of lightweight plastic that gradually move teeth over time.  

Invisalign® offers treatment options perfect for all types of teeth straightening issues so that every bride can walk down the aisle with a more confident smile by their wedding day.


Invisalign® can treat mild crowding and gaps, to more severe problems like overbite or underbite. And for those brides (and grooms) with minor, more cosmetic issues, Invisalign Express options can deliver improvement in as little as 10 weeks.


Start your treatment at least one year prior to the big day. The average adult orthodontic treatment takes about 11 to 12 months to complete.


To help our future brides and groom we are offering complimentary consultations and $1500.00 towards Invisalign® treatment. 







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