Patient Testimonials

mike"After treatment with Fastbraces, my teeth are straight again, which is amazing."

“Dr. Kim does excellent work, and his staff are very personable, friendly and professional.

“I had crooked teeth on the bottom, and my teeth were spaced very tightly together. This caused all kinds of problems—there was a lot of stress on my teeth, floss would always break, and plaque would build up easily.

“After treatment with Fastbraces, my teeth are straight again, which is amazing. They are now very easy to floss, I don't have as much plaque, and the stress and tightness are gone."

— Mike

jill"Dr. Kim explains procedures thoroughly, and his work is top-notch."

“I love coming to Dr. Kim’s office because I am always treated like a family member and not just a number. The staff is so friendly and professional, and the office is modern and clean, with state-of-the-art technology.

"Dr. Kim explains procedures thoroughly, and his work is top-notch. He is very personable and always explains what he is doing.

"The office is clean and inviting, and the staff are friendly and professional.

"As a result of my treatment, I am confident about my smile and I know that my teeth and mouth are in good health.”

— Jill

Lisa"Dr. Kim and his staff were great each step of the way, and I am so happy with the results."

“I had just completed treatment with Invisalign and wanted to whiten my teeth. I was very interested in the KöR whitening treatment. Dr. Kim encouraged me to also consider veneers for my top teeth. I had very small teeth and my smile showed quite a bit of gum. Dr. Kim and his staff explained the veneers procedure thoroughly, and they told me that veneers and KöR whitening together would really give me the smile I was looking for.

“Dr. Kim and his staff were great each step of the way, and I am so happy with the results.

“Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable and always provides great explanations. He is a very skilled dentist and has a warm personality. And the whole staff is very friendly and accommodating.

“My smile looks fantastic now! I am so glad I did the KöR whitening treatment and veneers. I don’t mind smiling for pictures now.”


paul"I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s office for both general dental care and for any kind of major dental work."

“I have had several major procedures done at this office, and they were all performed with little to no pain, and with no issues afterwards.

“Dr. Kim has always made me feel very comfortable and confident during and after any procedure, and there is always excellent post-procedure followup. Dr. Kim is very professional, and he explains in detail what is going to happen.

“His staff are also very professional and knowledgeable, and they pay close attention to detail.

“Thanks to Dr. Kim and his staff, I am on track with good oral hygiene. I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s office for both general dental care and for any kind of major dental work.”

— Paul

Ann Marie"I trust Dr. Kim and I highly recommend his practice."

“I have been coming to Dr. Kim for many years, and I have had crowns and a root canal in addition to general cleanings and maintenance.

“Dr. Kim and his assistants have always made getting fillings and crowns a painless experience. Dr. Kim has a way of numbing the area so as not to make your entire face numb—just the area needed. Dr. Kim also makes sure the fillings and crowns fit perfectly and look great. And they are patient and attentive to your concerns.

“Having my teeth cleaned is a pleasant experience. The hygienists are professional, and very friendly. They are attentive to particular areas and do a thorough job.

“When I needed a root canal, Dr. Curtis performed the procedure. He was thorough and took the necessary time to make sure the tooth was free of decay. I had no pain during or after the procedure.

“Dr. Kim is very patient and spends as much time with you as you need. He is personable and always makes sure you are satisfied with your treatment. And he does a great job with all procedures.

“The office has an open floor plan, and it is very clean and comfortable. They are always on time and never make me feel rushed. And they always have time to see you if it is urgent.

“People tell me I have a nice smile—I owe some of the credit for that to Dr. Kim’s practice. They have shown me good dental habits and have been proactive about issues. I trust Dr. Kim and I highly recommend his practice.”

— Ann Marie

"I would very much thank Dr. Kim for aiding me in my time of dental need. I received exceptional care and evaluated for all of my implant needs. You have far exceeded my expectations and so very much thank and praise you."

– Timothy

"I’ve had good experiences with Dr. Kim. He’s competent, hands-on and has a good chairside manner. The office staff are also friendly, and we’re on a first-name basis. I like that the facility is fully equipped with modern equipment and was built in the last three or four years."

– Howard

"Dr. Kim has a great chairside manner and a warm level of communication. He takes the time after treatment to explain what’s going on and what he did. He follows up before and after the procedure. The office is a warm, friendly environment. They call the next day to make sure I’m doing okay. Dr. Kim has helped me to live a normal life and have a nicer smile."

– Kevin

"Dr. Kim is very thorough and competent. He knows what he’s talking about, and the work I had done was done right with no problems. The office is so friendly and helpful. They greet me very nicely. If I have any issues with insurance, they explain things to me."

– F.P.

"The office staff are very friendly and easy to interact with. The appointment scheduling goes smoothly, and they text me and keep me informed. I never have any problems with insurance or administrative details.

"Dr. Kim gives good advice and explanations, and the way he delivers it is very caring. I don’t feel like I’m just another number. He makes me feel like I’m an individual person. As a result of my treatment, I have a willingness to display my teeth—they glisten. In the past, I covered up my mouth, but now I smile more and come across more friendly."

– David

"Since going to Dr. Kim, I have more self-confidence, and I don’t try to hide my mouth. I have a happier smile. Life is better now, and I’m happy when I look at myself in the mirror.

"Dr. Kim has a very refreshing attitude. He never makes excuses for anything. He shows me my X-rays and goes over cost before treatment. He’s a nice guy. The office is very clean, bright and well laid out. I love all the staff. They make me feel comfortable and are fun."

– Bill

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